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About Cami Engles

I grew up in Sulphur, Oklahoma. My parents were both teachers at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf. My dad and grandpa built our house, and I lived in that same house my entire childhood. It butted up to the Chickasaw National Recreational Area, which was my playground-and fostered my love and respect for our natural resources. I was adopted from the Oklahoma Foster Care system, and I have always been keenly aware that I am extremely lucky to have ended up in such a loving and nurturing family. My parents weren’t wealthy, but they really valued education. They taught me the importance of continuing to learn new skills, treating people with respect, and forming lasting relationships with neighbors. They created an atmosphere in which we always knew we could work together to solve any problems.
Today, I carry those values close to my heart as I serve the city of Shawnee. I have worked hard to create businesses in this community that add value and pride to the area- including a restaurant downtown that survived the pandemic. My husband and I have worked in partnership to renovate and restore many properties throughout our city- including abandoned ones in the downtown area that are now hubs of life and activity.
I am deeply invested in the success of our community, and I am excited to continue working as your commissioner.


  • Served on the lake advisory committee to improve the overall safety, quality, and accessibility of the lake and surrounding areas.
  • Pushed for updated building codes throughout the city to create uniformity and the ability to work more efficiently with developers.

My Focuses

  • Improving the quality of life for all citizens
  • Attracting and maintaining talent through concentrated improvement efforts in economic development and quality of life
  • Revitalizing the downtown area
  • Improving the lake area while protecting our water source
  • Updating and building codes




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