Protecting Shawnee Twin Lakes – Zebra Mussels

As many of you may have heard, the invasive species zebra mussel has been found in Shawnee Twin Lakes. Please click the link below for the city’s press release. It outlines what this means for our lakes, and how you can assist in the prevention of spread. The city has posted signs at the lakes to help educate visitors as well.

Here are the preventative highlights:

• Drain the bilge water, live wells, and bait buckets before leaving.
• Inspect the boat and trailer immediately upon leaving the water.
• Scrape off any zebra mussels or aquatic vegetation found. Do not return them to the water.
• If possible, dry the boat and trailer for at least a week before entering another waterway.
• Wash boat parts and accessories that contact the water using hot water (at least 140 degrees F.), or spray with high-pressure water.